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Flush Trimming Bits: A Must-Have in Every Woodworking Shop

flush trimming bits in woodworking shop

Flush trimming bits are one of the most versatile and regularly used tools to have in your woodworking shop.

The “flush trim” refers to leaving the surface perfectly flush, flat and smooth.

They’re a type of router bit often used for laminate or template work where the bearing guides are the same diameter as the cutter. The bearings can be mounted on the shank end, cutter end or both, and they come in straight flute, down-shear angle, and upcut and downcut solid carbide spiral flutes.
making copies with flush trimming bit
Making Copies

This handy router bit allows you to duplicate a master pattern or template. You can use it to create exactly the same shape multiple times over with similar pieces of timber. 

How does it work?

First, you take your template piece. Trace around it onto your second piece of timber. Make a rough cut of this outline, making sure the cut is on the outside of the trace line so it’s slightly larger than your template. 

Place the template piece down first and clamp the larger roughly cut piece on top. Clamp the pieces to your workbench. 

The bearing of the flush trimming bit touches that reference piece the whole way around. The blade is in contact with your rough cut, giving you a perfect duplication. 

The result is smoother than what you get with a bandsaw and so simple to do, especially if you need to make a lot of pieces the same. 

For template work where a superior finish is required, use our Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Bit to eliminate chipping, splintering and furry edge finishes. See it in action here.


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The Classic Flush Trimming Bit

This Flush Trimming Bit with Ball Bearing is the most common because it has so many uses.

The ball bearing is exactly the same diameter as the blade, which means the blade will cut into where the ball bearing is resting. This makes it the perfect tool for duplicating.

flush trimming bit with ball bearing

Think of how often you need to trim the edge of something to suit the right size, like adding the bottom piece of wood to a drawer. Rather than try and cut a piece of wood to the exact same size, it’s far easier to trim a slightly bigger piece down.

This Inverted Flush Trimming Bit is the same as the previous bit, except the ball bearing is at the other end. It’s a super handy bit for copy work where the template is between the work and the router. 

Of course with smaller templates, you can always flip the pieces, but this is ideal for situations where the master is attached to something you can’t easily flip, like a porch swing or heavy furniture. 

Using a softer timber? Try the Flush Trimming Bit with Double Ball Bearing so that there’s no indentation left on the timber. The bit has double the surface area to ensure the template is not damaged.

For minimal chipping and a superior finish, you can’t go past the Flash Trimming Bit with Down Shear because of the angle of the blade. 

It means that more of the cutting edge is being used to do the same amount of work. Pair this with the shearing angle of attack and the cutting edge becomes even more efficient.

superior flush trim bits

Why Choose Us

A flush trimming bit is a staple for every woodworking shop. 

It’s a router bit that will be used time and time again for different projects, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality carbide-tipped bit that will give you smooth results for longer. 

Value comes from investing in tools that yield a superior result and will last the distance. This is especially true when purchasing a woodworking essential like a flush trimming bit.

With free shipping over $90, you can equip your shop with the best essentials so you’re ready to tackle your next DIY project. Browse the range today.