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Getting the Most Out of Your Router Bits

getting the most out of your router bits

Like everything in your workshop, you want to be getting the most you can out of your router bits. Carbitool already offers some of the most reliable tools in Australia, but it is still possible to make your bits work for you even more.

We’ve put together a few tips to show you how.

Find the Right Fit First

The first place to start is the size of the bits you’re using. Router bits often come in both ½ inch and ¼ inch shank sizes – we usually recommend using ½ inch shank bits as they provide less deflection and therefore more stability than their smaller cousins.

On the other hand, if the bit you’re using isn’t particularly big, a ¼ inch bit will still do the job you need it to and a small number of bits are only available in ¼ inch shanks, so many woodworkers will end up with a collection of both.

We offer both, so the final decision is yours. Of course, make sure to double-check which sizes your router will take before you decide.

router bit template

Try a Template

There is a certain unmatchable freedom to using your router freehand, however if you need to make and remake identical pieces   ̶  such as chair legs or backrests   ̶  it can be worthwhile constructing templates to make routing easier and safer.

These can be made from plywood, MDF or acrylic and when used in conjunction with a safety jig minimise the risk of injury in the routing process, all while giving you a precise cut for identical pieces.

Focus on the Bits You Use Most

Sometimes, the best way to make your router bits do more for you is to simply bring them out as you need them. It can be natural to feel as though some parts of the set aren’t contributing to the project as much as others at times, especially if you’ve dusted off the full set to only use one.

This may mean rather than investing in a new full set of router bits, you might be better served to upgrade one or two that you’re using the most.

Check out our guide for a full rundown on understanding different router bits.

utilise your router bits

Utilise Your Bit’s Versatility

Some bits are capable of tackling more than just the task you originally had in mind. A great example of a versatile bit is the straight bit, which can be used for just about any general-purpose routing. If you need to machine your materials to a particular thickness, a straight bit will likely get you there.

In this scenario, investing in a quality straight bit will definitely get you the most out of your money and your router bit.

You can have a look at all of our products in our most recent catalogue.

Make Some Modifications

There’s no need to fear if you haven’t yet made the jump to a full set or you’re only working with a small number of router bits. You can get more options out of what you do have in your workshop by adjusting the bearings to modify the profile they cut.

While not all router bits have adjustable bearings, as this picture from our Instagram shows, the ones that do will allow you to change your router bearing to a bigger or smaller size which may give you the slight adjustment needed to achieve the profile required for your cut.

Make sure to browse our full range of router bits and enjoy Australia-wide delivery.