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Kookaburra Sport and how they craft the perfect Cricket Bats using Carbitool


We visited the Kookaburra Sport premises, just around the corner from us in Moorabbin, South East of Melbourne, to talk to Lachlan Dinger, who specialises in handcrafted cricket bats made from the most premium willow.

Lachlan Dinger Bat MakerLachlan Dinger – The Master Bat Maker

The Kookaburra Sport Story

Like Carbitool, Kookaburra Sport are an Australian Family-Owned Business operating for over 130 years. Fourth and fifth generation members of the founding Thompson family continue to work at Head Office in Melbourne, where they specialise in the production of sport equipment for both cricket and hockey.

The core of the business

Kookaburra Sport are proud sports equipment manufacturers specialising in cricket and field hockey balls and equipment, footballs, licensed fanwear and bespoke teamwear, clothing and footwear. They predominantly sell products via existing retailers, online and direct to cricket and hockey Leagues and Associations, which are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide. They produce over 650,000 cricket and hockey balls a year, the only company of that kind in Australia. In 2016, Lachlan joined the company to oversee the bat making process. The Kooka Bat Cave is a hub of activity and excitement when internationally recognised sports stars and players visit the head office and manufacturing facility.

Kookaburra SportKookaburra Sport – Head office and Manufacturing in Moorabbin, Victoria

Who are the types of customers you get at the Bat Cave?

‘Aside from the manufacturing and repairs on the day-to-day orders, we will receive Kookaburra Cricket Bats from customers which obviously hold sentimental value to them, which we will then provide repair and servicing to. We also get some of our sponsored players to come into the bat making facility to get their custom orders done, sizing, weight, etc.’

Do you always use Carbitool? Why do you prefer it?

‘Each cricket bat is individually shaped to ensure the right amount of wood is in the right place to give a perfect balance. Before this, we used Carbitool Circular Saw Bench Blades, particularly the 300mm 48t to create a rough shape out of the clefts that we get in. We also use the 450mm 72t to cut our bat handles. It helps that you are a fellow Australian Manufacturer, and you just happen to be around the corner from us! So, we can duck into your store and grab what we need when we need it.’

Check out the range here:


Cricket Bat Clefts Cricket Bat Cleft – Ready to be shaped

How Cricket Bat is MadeCarbitool Bench Saw Blades are used to shape the clefts and bat handles


To see more of the great work this fellow Aussie Family Business does, check them out on Instagram @kookabatcave. You can also visit .


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