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Getting a handle on Carbitool’s Handsaw Range

Carbitool Handsaw

Carbitool’s premium quality Handsaw range is comprised of superior quality handsaws, manufactured by skilled craftsmen calling on centuries of experience and tradition.


Carbitool have sourced their handsaws from the same supplier for several decades and in this case thankfully, very little has changed. Branded E.Garlick & Son & manufactured to uncompromising standards, the range includes Panel and Tenon saws, Rip saws, Dovetail saws, Gents and Flexible Flush Cutting saws.


S95 Professional Handsaws

The blades on our full range, including our S95 Professional Range, are made from Alloy Spring Steel – a high grade Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Iron Alloy. They are taper ground with a skew back giving effortless cutting with good balance. Attractively finished with Beech or Rosewood handles featuring polished brass nut and screw sets, these traditional hand tools would find pride of place in any workshop.

The S95 Handsaws are available in 20” to 26” lengths with varying amounts of Teeth Per Inch* or Points Per Inch* so there’s one for every application. For crosscutting (sawing across the grain) select a saw with smaller teeth such as a 7 – 10  Point Per Inch tooth pattern. This will offer greater accuracy and a finer cut, resulting in a smoother finish.s95 hANDSAW

Rip Or Crosscut?

For crosscutting (sawing across the grain) select a saw with smaller teeth such as a 7 – 10  Point Per Inch tooth pattern. This will offer greater accuracy and a finer cut resulting in a smoother finish.

When ripping (sawing along the grain) choose a saw with larger teeth, say 5 – 6 points per inch. This will allow for a faster, straighter cut. While it won’t provide as smooth a finish, the larger gullet will accommodate more swarf reducing the incidence of binding. This is also good for crosscutting thicker materials. Most of our handsaws are considered Panel Saws but the 26” 5PPI is purely a Rip Saw requiring a strong arm to drive it.

One of the most popular handsaws remains the 22” 10 PPI Panel saw offering a fine cut and manageable length affording versatility and balance.

S52 Tenon saws

 Tenon Saws have a high grade 3” deep blade with brass back. Featuring a 15 Point Per Inch pitch, they are often used for precision cuts such as small joints where precision and accuracy are required. They are often the tool of choice in cabinet making and model making. Available in 8”, 10”, 12” & 14” lengths, there’s sure to be one that feels right for you.



Dovetail Saw

Our Dovetail Saw has a brass backed 8” blade length with 20 Points Per Inch offering agility, precision and an extremely fine finish. They’re usually used for cutting small joints and are particularly useful for cutting dovetails and a range of cabinet-making applications.Dovetail Saw

Gents Saw

The perfect partner to the range of Hand and Tenon saws. They are like a dovetail or Tenon saw but with a straight handle turned from beech wood. The brass back offers a rigidity which is useful when cutting dovetail joints and tenons. The fine 20 Point Per Inch pitch ensures accurate cuts and like our Tenon Saws is suitable for crosscutting across the grain for cutting the ‘cheeks’ of a tenon and also for ripping along the grain for cutting the ‘shoulders’ of a tenon when making mortise and tenon joints.

Gents Saw

Flexible Flush Cut Saws

These saws are unique in that they cut on the pull stroke. Incorporating a very thin and flexible blade to enable extremely fine cuts, the pull stroke feature ensures the blade won’t bend or kink if it ‘grabs’ in the job. With a 6” blade length and 20 Points Per Inch tooth pattern Flexible Flush Cut Saws are used in traditional joinery for cutting off dowel pins, they flex into and against the face of the component such as a rail in a stile and rail joint or a sash and allow you to cut the pin off flush with the face.  

Flexible Cutting Saw 

* Note on Teeth Per Inch/Points Per Inch.

TPI is the traditional English standard for measuring the pitch. TPI measures from gullet to gullet, counting only the number of full teeth within one inch while PPI is the traditional American measure. PPI Measures the points within an inch, not the full tooth therefore there is one less tooth than points in an inch. i.e. 6 PPI = 5 TPI. This blog has focused on Carbitool’s fully sharpenable, traditional steel, professional saw range. Next blog we’ll take a look at what we have available in Hardpoint Saws.


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