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Yeti Tool Smartbench – The Latest in Smart CNC Routing


We recently caught up with Dion and Jake from Yeti Tool Australia, as they came by to visit the Carbitool factory here in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Yeti Tool offer customers a product that is far superior to what is offered by competition within the market. This being the SmartBench portable full format CNC, which was recently installed at Carbitool HQ after Dion and Jake’s visit.

YetiTools Visit

What do Yeti Tool specialise in?

Beyond the actual product itself, YetiTools offers customers a full sales and support experience that allows CNC customers, both new and old, to jump in, set up their machine specifically to meet their needs and get cutting within hours of receiving their machines. This is a guarantee.

Another profound factor that accelerates YetiTools in front of its competitors is a strong support network for customers, with the goal of allowing customers to get the most from their machines in as little time as possible. Achieved through innovative communication channels alongside tutorial videos available online. All of which are in place to ensure our customers will require less guess work and trial by error than is typically experienced with similar machinery.


How does Carbitool benefit Yeti Tool?

Everything is done in conjunction with Carbitool. Carbitool offers a wide range of products to customers that are manufactured here in Australia to the highest possible quality.

Focusing on one tooling company allows Yeti Tool to build a core range of products for customers. The fact that all testing is done in house guarantees that customers are ultimately offered a product that has passed stringent, thorough standards.

The ultimate goal is to produce tool databases that customers can access with ease. With a few clicks of the mouse customers can accurately view what feeds and speeds are best for their line of work or upcoming project.


Do you always use and sell Carbitool? Why do you prefer it?

Offering the wide range of Carbitool bits has allowed the simplification of the “trial and error” process that customers generally face when trying to dial in a new tool bit for their machine. Offering such a large tool database simplifies the decision making process for customers.

The main reason that Yeti Tool has partnered with Carbitool is simply due to the consistency of quality. Moreover, as previously mentioned any testing of products is done in house, therefore providing accurate, verified results; results and valuable information that can then be passed on directly to the customer.


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