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A Masterclass in Woodworking – Damion Fauser Uses Carbitool

Damion Fauser Woodworking

Meet Damion Fauser, award-winning Brisbane-based accredited studio woodworker and trade-qualified cabinetmaker – and an avid user of Carbitool products! Damion designs and makes exceptional furniture and homewares using solid timber and high-quality veneer.

He’s also a regular contributor to Australian Wood Review magazine, penning articles on fine woodworking techniques and critical reviews of newly released tools, so he’s something of an industry expert. But how did Damion get into the woodwork trade? (Trust us, it won’t be how you think!) We had a chat with him to find out…

Damion Fauser

It’s as much about the journey as the destination…

Damion’s story is about as unique as they come. Serving in the Royal Australian Air Force for 20 years, he saw operational service in East Timor, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan. It was in Sudan his passion for woodworking was born.

Partaking in a program to reintegrate soldiers who had fought in the civil war, Damion assisted in furniture-making training in the village of Yei. Here, former soldiers were provided with basic toolsets and trained to make rustic furniture from the abundant teak and African mahogany plantations nearby.

After returning from Sudan, Damion knew his calling was to learn woodworking and he set about pursuing his passion, training under some of the biggest names in the business! Damion became a qualified cabinetmaker in 2018.

And then he started his own business…

 Damion currently runs a multi-faceted woodworking business in Brisbane making custom furniture and boxes. He creates limited-run small-scale production work ranging from corporate trophies and gifting to industrial racking. He also writes and publishes woodworking articles on projects, machinery and tooling reviews.

But why stop there? Damion’s latest passion is running woodworking classes and teaching traditional hand tool skills. Alongside specialist classes such as veneering, sharpening and machine skills. Many of his students also go on to use his workshop space to design and make their own unique and amazing projects. 

Damion Fauser Workshop

We asked, how does Carbitool benefit you day to day?

‘I believe in using the best available tooling to make a particular cut, after all, it’s the tool that makes the cut, not the machine. I always use premium tooling from premium manufacturers. I’ve found that Carbitool router cutters are made with a superior grade of carbide that offers a longer cutting life through better edge retention. This saves further processing time post-cut due to the cleanliness of the cut surface’

Damion Fauser Carbitool Australia

Looks like we’ve got him covered for all his woodworking needs!

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