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Phoebe Everill on defying conventions and what makes timber sing

Phoebe Everill

Let’s face it, one of the most rewarding parts of being a woodworker is problem-solving. Along with, of course, the practical nature of the craft. However, the journey to create a well-resolved piece differs for everyone and here at Carbitool, we love to explore our customer’s journeys and learn what makes them tick!

So, we caught up with Phoebe Everill, a third-generation woodworking teacher and furniture maker based in Drummond, rural Victoria. To learn about her business and how she uses Carbitool to ensure she achieves the perfect result, every time.

A Creative Mind

Describing herself first and foremost as a “maker” Phoebe loves to create things. “It’s just hard-wired into me,” she says. Growing up with her father, a successful small businessman who loved woodwork, it’s no wonder she took this path. Woodworking was in her soul. Learning from observing him from a young age, she gained not only the skills of her craft but also how to run a business. And armed with these skills, there was no stopping her.

A passion for the details that make timbers sing

Dividing her time between teaching and making allows her to concentrate on what she loves. Her partner takes care of the administration side and together they are a dream team!

Their workshop is located in the stunning rural location of Drummond, Central Victoria. Where they run regular classes, intensive courses and specialist short courses. Sourcing much of their blackwood timber from storm fallen logs found on the property, the provenance of the timber she uses is as important to her as it is to her clients. Drawing a younger demographic, who prefers good design and quality over mass made products, she’s definitely found her niche!

Phoebe loves empowering women to flourish in a traditionally male-dominated trade. Believing many women find it easier to approach learning with a female teacher, her classes are currently around 50/50 split between men and women. “I hope in the future there are fewer barriers for women approaching trade training,” she says. And we hope so too!

Wood Workshop

So, Phoebe, tell us about the tools you use day to day…

“I love tools! I have an extensive range of hand tools (some from my father and even grandfather) which I love to use but, I also have a very well equipped machine room which makes earning my living possible. I know that with excellent quality equipment I will get great results, long life and less downtime or maintenance”. Phoebe doesn’t let her rural location hinder getting the best quality products for her work. With major centres less than an hour away, she can always stock up on her favourite Carbitool products.

“Carbitool router bits are my go too for joinery and shaping, I use dovetail cutters, lock mitre and flush trim spiral cutters. The rebate stack with various bearings and general shaping bits are also in daily use. I need really good quality cutters to ensure a safe operation and a great outcome.” And what a great outcome.


Explore Phoebe’s range of handmade custom fine furniture on her website. Or if you are looking to improve your woodworking skills, join her popular Furniture Making School here.

To grow your business using Carbitool’s wide range of timber tools browse our full range.

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