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OZTABLES Design + Make = Live


We caught up with Christian Klopfer from OzTables, an all-Australian designed and made timber furniture company based just around the corner from us in Moorabbin.

OzTables create premium handcrafted furniture for both indoors and outdoors. From picnic tables, dining tables and desks, to beds, large cabinets, street furniture and barriers. All made using solid Australian timber and handcrafted to suit the Australian lifestyle and withstand harsh weather conditions. Let’s take a look at what they are all about.

The OzTables story – How it all started

What started as a hobby making furniture at home is now a full-time business for Christian. His parents ran Klopfer Cakes (Yes, the ones who introduced the Blackforest Cake and Pretzels to Australia!) So producing high-quality, amazing products for customers was pre-built into his DNA.

A family friend, Greg Bowles, inspired him to build solid picnic tables for friends and family. These became more and more popular through word of mouth in the local area and his business grew.

One of his favourite and most renowned projects was crafting the Ironbark outdoor tables for Polly Woodside which are still in operation today!

The OzTables Journey – From then to now

OzTables now has five staff and is growing carefully and slowly. The lockdowns presented an opportunity to grow the business interstate, which they have welcomed with open arms, and now ship Australia wide.

Their customer base has grown to include commercial fit-outs; schools, pubs and restaurant furniture, with an emphasis on the outdoors. Christian says, “Pubs love our picnic tables and councils love our street furniture”. And at Carbitool we agree. Their projects look great!

Bespoke projects for residential homes also play a big part in his business today. “Families just love being part of the design process for their dining table and matching hall table,” he says. “We love making bespoke designs and seeing the finished products in our wonderful client’s homes”.

So we have to ask, what’s the most popular question you get asked by new clients?

“We often get asked, ‘Do you use local timbers?’ which we do. We are proud to use both reclaimed and sustainable timbers in our projects. Messmate and Blackbutt are both currently popular timbers as they are rich in detail with a nice even texture and have beautiful growth ring patterns on the wood.”

And which tools do you use on a daily basis?

“Day to day, for most projects I’ll use a spiral thicknesser, table saw and table router. I also use a range of sanders for finishing.”

We see you have lots of Carbitool products in your studio. Which are your favourites and why?

“I love Carbitool saw blades, roundover routing bits and other shaping bits. Quality bits are always needed on Australian hardwoods, particularly when edging tabletops and our large range of door handles.

We can’t afford to use low quality bits and have our timber tear out or crack. That’s why Carbitool products are so great! I love working with them. We get a great finish!”

Thanks, Christian!

Looking for quality furniture or a forever table for your home or commercial space?

Christian is your man! Check out OzTables amazing work and learn more about what they do at and follow his projects on Instagram @oztables.

Got a custom project in mind? Reach out to Christian at To learn more about the Carbitool range of tools, and how they’ll work for your upcoming projects, check out our full range online or contact our friendly team at