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Carbitool x Surf Coast CNC


Summer is in full swing, so we caught up with Jarrod Snow, owner of Surf Coast CNC who proudly has Carbitool router bits spinning in his machines daily.

Creating premium custom shaped surfboards and foilboards is just one of the many pursuits of Surf Coast CNC. They also make simple carpentry router templates, 3D engraved wood signs, complete cabinetry builds and van conversion fit outs.

Providing a comprehensive manufacturing service for customers locally and worldwide, they love to be innovative in their designs. “We turn ideas into products.” Jarrod tells us. “If you can think it, Surf Coast CNC can most likely manufacture it!”

So, let’s take a deep dive into what they are all about…


A true maker, through and through.

 Progressing from additive machining, such as 3D printing to CNC routing was a no brainer for Jarrod. It was the next natural step in growing his business.

Being a maker, he initially tried to build his own machine (how hard can it be right?) “It wasn’t a complete failure but it definitely wasn’t a success either” Jarrod smiles. “The machine was just slow and had limited power. I have always tried to build the things I enjoy rather than buy them, for me it is much more rewarding.”

Dedicating yourself to the mastery of your chosen skill.

 As the business grows so does perfecting the craft and Jarrod dedicates a lot of time to trying new things and learning more and more every day. “One thing I have discovered is to keep learning! Gaining more knowledge has enabled me to reduce design times drastically.”

So Jarrod, tell us about the tools you use day to day…

 “My daily driver is a 4 flute – combined rougher and finisher compression bit with a short up cut from Carbitool! This tool is amazing and does most of my ply/flat board cutting.

From compression cutters to V bits, we use Carbitool for almost every project. One of the reasons is because of the lifespan. Compared to other brands you won’t find tools that last as long.”

Jarrod doesn’t let his rural location get in the way of sourcing the best tools and materials for the job. “Delivery times don’t hinder us at all. We can get our tools very fast” he tells us. “A big shout out to Vic Joinery Supplies, Plyco and of course, Carbitool for their amazing products as well as their outstanding customer service!”

Searching for unique businesses online

 “Customers mainly find us through social media or google searches and then usually become returning customers for their next projects.” Jarrod explains. “We typically get unique and interesting projects to work on. What sets Surf Coast CNC apart from the rest is the experience, with so much variation in jobs and projects.”

Any advice for any wanna-be woodworking entrepreneurs?

 “Always plan ahead! In today’s day and age it is so easy to design your project on the computer. So you can fully debug the job before you make any real world mistakes.” Life changing.

Want to grow your business with Carbitool’s wide range of timber tools? Browse our full range online. Or, contact us at for more information on how our tools can help you.

Ready to hit the waves on a custom-made surfboard? Learn more about Surf Coast CNC over on their website or follow them on Instagram.