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Get To Know Mitre Lock Bits

mitre lock bit

Getting a seamless joint isn’t always easy. 

When it comes to creating the perfect joint you want to balance aesthetics and strength. This means that often a simple butt-corner joint won’t suffice. This is where investing in a quality mitre lock bit is so important. 

Master a mitre lock bit and you’ll be creating stunning pieces of furniture, drawers and casework for years to come. If you haven’t used one before we have just the tips to get you started. 


What is a Mitre Lock Bit?

Create corners with ease with mitre lock bits.

A mitre lock bit allows you to create a perfect joint at 90° that is both strong due to the large surface area contact between the two components and virtually invisible as it eliminates the exposed end grain of a butt-corner joint. These bits have been designed to help you create perfect corner joints in your projects. Through their unique shape, they create an interlocking joint that ensures maximum strength. What is most impressive is that you can achieve all this using just one bit. 

Although they can be tricky to master, the rewards from using these speciality bits are massive — especially if you want to create furniture. If you look after your mitre lock bit, it will serve you for many years to come. Looking to get the most out of your router bits? Check out our blog to see how you can get the most out of your Carbitool purchase. 


How To Create The Perfect Joint 

Many woodworkers report finding the mitre lock bits difficult to work with. 

But like with any skill, the more you practise, the easier it becomes — and the fewer offcuts you’ll use. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be an expert in no time. 

Important: This router bit is not for use in handheld routers. We advise that this bit be used in bench mounted/router tables or overhead routers only. The TMl 60 ½ should only be used in a routing machine with a variable speed adjustment. Due to the large diameter of this bit, it should not be operated at a spindle speed of more than 12000 R.P.M. 

When setting your router to join timber using a Carbitool TML 60 1/2, follow these tips to ensure accurate joining:

  • Always accurately measure the thickness of the timber to be joined. Remember, measure twice and cut once. 
  •  The point “Y” shown in diagram “C” should be set at half the thickness of the timber above the Router Table and the same distance out from the Router Fence. For example: If the timber is 20mm thick, point “Y” should be 10mm above the Router Table and 10mm out from the Router Fence. 


mitre lock bitwoodworking tooljoint bit
  • Don’t expect to get it right the first time. Always check your setup using spare off-cuts of the same timber as you wish to join. If you have to adjust the height and/or depth of cut, recut and check the samples before machining the timber for your finished job. 
  • To join timber at 90 degrees run your first piece through vertically making sure the timber stays flat against the Router Fence. If your setup is correct, the width of your timber should NOT be reduced but cut accurately to the corner. Run your second piece horizontally making sure that it is kept flat on the Router Table and hard against the Router Fence. When finished, your two pieces should now join perfectly. 
  • If joining laminated or timber with a feature side, cut one piece face up and the other face down to obtain a matching joint.

What Are You Making Next?

Follow these tips and you’ll be creating perfect joints in no time. Remember, practice is key here. 

A great mitre lock bit doesn’t just create strong, aesthetically pleasing joints but will also make using clamps easier. The mitre joint helps keep your work aligned and will simplify clamping setup. A Carbitool Corner Clamp can be a handy addition to your toolbox just for this purpose — you can view our complete range of clamps here


Use the new skills you’ve learnt to get started on that big project this weekend. 


Using mitre lock bits for the first time and need some expert advice? Contact us today to ensure that you get flawless results without fail.